Who Do You Live With Bằng Tiếng Việt

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Linda: Who do you live ........? - Mai: I live ........... My parents

A. In – in

B. For – for

C. With- with

D. At – at

b.Fill in the blanks with the correct form of theo verb

1. We ____ (have) a dog . 

2. Does he _____ (live) in Hanoi ?

3. My house ________ ( not have ) a yard .

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4. Do you live in a house ? - No , I don't . I _______ (live) in an apartment .

5. Vị they ______ (have) a car ? - Yes , they bởi .

Read và match:

1. How many English lessons vày you have a week? A. I usually talk with foreigners. 1.
2. Who is your English teacher? B. Of course, very much. 2.
3. When vì you have English? C. I listen to English songs & read English books. 3.
4. How vì you practise speaking? D. Because I want lớn become an English teacher. 4.
5. What do you think about English? E. Yes, I do. We go to lớn English Club together. 5.
6. How often bởi vì you watch English film? F. It’s Miss Huong. 6.
7. Bởi vì you help your friends learn English? G.I have it five times a week.

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8. How vị you learn English? H. I sometimes watch after dinner. 8.
9. Vì you lượt thích English? I. Mondays & Wednesdays. 9.
10. Why do you learn English? J. It’s a useful và interesting language. 10

Mai: Where vì you live , Trung ?

Trung: I live .......... Flat 18 ........ The second floor.............. Ha Noi Tower.


A. In - on – to lớn

B. Of - in – on

C. In - on – of

D. On - in – in

Nối câu hỏi ở cột A cùng với câu trả lời ở cột B.

A   B
1. Where were you yesterday?   a. It was really wonderful.
2. Where did you go?   b. I bought some books.
3. What was the trip like?   c. I went there by coach.
4. Who did you go with?   d. It was yesterday.
5. What did you do?   e. I went to da Lat.
6. When was Nam’s birthday party?   f. No, I didn’t. I went by train.
7. Did you get lớn Ha Noi by plane?   g. I went with my family.

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8. How did you get to domain authority Nang City?   h. I was at the book fair.

Let"s sing. (Cùng hát)