Unit 3 Lớp 11 Language Focus


Phần trọng tâm kiến thức của unit này nói về về cách phát âm m, n, và ng trong tiếng Anh, cũng như ôn tập một vài các thì cơ bản. Bài viết cung cấp các từ vựng và cấu trúc cần lưu ý cũng như hướng dẫn giải bài tập trong sách giáo khoa.


I. Từ vựng

decorate (v)<"dekəreit>trang tríorganise (v)<"ɔ:gənaiz>tổchứcrefreshments (n)món ăn nhẹupset (v)<ʌp"set>làm bối rối, lo lắng

II. Cấu trúc cần nhớ

Be early for….: Sớm cho cái gìNguyên thể và danh động từ:Nguyên thể bị động và danh động từ bị động

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III. Hướng dẫn giải bài tập

1. Pronunciation:

Listen and repeat:


Lunch: bữa trưaLovely: đáng yêuLemonade: nước chanhJelly: thạchGlass: lySalad: sa lát


Pretty: xinh đẹpEurope: Châu ÂuParent: bố mẹReally: thậtRestaurant: nhà hàngLibrary: thư viện


Hit: đánhHouse: nhàHoliday: kỳ nghỉHospital: bệnh việnHusband: chồngHelicopter: trực thăng

Pratise reading aloud these sentences:

1. Hello Mr. Allen. You’re early for lunch. It’s only elevent a’clock2. I’d like a plate of salad, a glass of lemonade, a slice of melon and some jelly, please.3. Laura is really pretty librarian in publi library.4. Her parents own a restaurant in a country in Central Europe.5. Hello, Harry. Have you heard the news? There’s been a horrible accident. A helicopter has hit Helen’s house.6, Helen and her husband will have to spend their holiday in hospital.

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2. Grammar

Exercise 1.Complete the sentences with the correct form, gerund or infinitive. using the words in brackets.

1. Most passengers dislike…… having ……to sit in small, uncomfortable seats on long flights, (have)2. I must drive more carefully. I can’t risk…… getting ……another speeding ticket, (get)3. Did Dick mean…… to tell …… Sue about the party, or did it slip out accidentally? (tell)4. You must keep… practicing..on the computer until you understand how to use all of the programmes. (practise)5. The judge demanded…… to see…..the original document, not the photocopy. (see)

Exercise 2.Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences

Example: When I told Tim the news, he seemed to be surprised

A. to surprise B. to be surprised

1. Ms. Thompson is always willing to help, but she doesn’t want …………at home unless there is an emergency.

A. to call B. to be called (bị gọi điện)

-> Chọn đáp án B

2. The children agreed…………….the candy equally.

A. to divide (chia) B. to be divided

-> Chọn đáp án A

3. I expected………………..to the party, but I wasn"t.

A. to invite B. to be invited

-> Chọn đáp án B

4.I expect………………………at the airport by my uncle.

A. to meet B. to be met

-> Chọn đáp án B

5. Mr. Steinberg offered………………….us to the train station.

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A. to drive B. to be driven

-> Chọn đáp án A

Exercise 3.Choose the correct answer to complete the sentences.

Example: Instead of being excitedabout the good news, Tom seemed to be indifferent.

A. exciting B. being excited C. to excite D. to be excited

1. The new students hope………..in many of the school’s social activities.

A. including B. being included C. to include D. to be included

-> Chọn đáp án C

2. Jack got into trouble when he refused………his briefcase for the customs officer.

A. opening B. being opened C. to open D. to be opened

-> Chọn đáp án C

3. Barbara didn’t mention …………about her progress report at work, but I’m sure she is.

A. concerning B. being concerned C. to concern D. to be concerned

-> Chọn đáp án A

4. You’d better save some money for a rainy day. You can’t count on………… by your parents every time you get into financial difficulty.

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A. rescuing B. being rescued C. to rescue D. to be rescued

-> Chọn đáp án A

5.Please forgive me. I didn’t mean………….you.

A. upsetting B. being upset C. to upset D. to be upset