The World Heritage Sites

Known as 'Ha Long cất cánh on Land', Trang An Scenic Landscape Complex is famous for its mountains, caves, & archaeological ____. A. Excavations B. Sites C. RelicsD. Heritages
Find the synonym: Most of the Imperial Citadel of Thang Long was (demolished) in the early 20th century. A. Rebuilt B. Pulled down C. Put upD. Pulled up
John F. Kennedy was the last US president ____. A. To lớn assassinateB. Assassinated C. AssassinatingD. Khổng lồ be assassinated
With its thousands of rocks and caves ____ out of the water, Ha Long cất cánh has won international recognition. A. Emerge B. To lớn emerge C. Emerging D. Being emerged
The most magnificent feature of Taj Mahal ____ is the central dome. A. Noticed B. Being noticed C. Khổng lồ notice D. Noticing
. Scholars believe that there are still relics ____ under the tomb & awaiting to lớn be excavated. A. Burying B. BuriedC. Are burying D. Are buried
FInd the mistake: Annoying by the receptionist's behaviour, they decided not to lớn stay in that hotel
Find the mistake: The book publishing last week is her first novel about a World Heritage Site in Viet Nam.

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My favourite part of England is Cornwall. There's some absolutely beautiful ____ there. A. Nature B. Signs C. Scenery D. Views
Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park provides a lot of valuable information about the earth's ..... Development.(geology)
If you buy stolen relics, you will help khổng lồ create a đen market, (lead) khổng lồ further destruction of the heritage site.
The final thing (remember) is khổng lồ admire the corals from a distance & not khổng lồ break off any pieces to take trang chủ as souvenirs.

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Combine sentences: There's a gate at the over of this corridor. The gate leads to the main door of the temple.

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Combine sentneces: The pagoda was damaged in the storm. It has now been rebuilt. The pagoda has now been rebuilt.


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