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PART E: LANGUAGE FOCUSI. PRONUNCIATION/w/ & /j/II. GRAMMAR1. Gerund và Present Participle2. Perfect Gerund and Perfect ParticipleI. PRONUNCIATION/w//j/wewheelyeswestwetyellow usewinewhaleyoung
yearsYorkPractice reading aloud these sentencesII. GRAMMAR1. Gerund và Present ParticipleExercise 1: Complete each of the followingsentences with an appropriate gerund of theverbs from the box.spendstartbehavebendwaitmeetparklistenExample:He found that parking was difficult in that city.
spendstartbehavebendwaitmeetparklisten1- I have no objection lớn _______to your story again.listening2- touch your toes without _______ your knees!3- You should be ashamed of yourselffor _______ so badly.bending4- I am looking forward khổng lồ _______ you.behaving5- You can’t prevent him from ________ his own money.6- Would you mind ______ for a moment?meeting7- In spite of _______ late, we arrivedin time.
spendingwaitingstartingGerund can be used in the following ways.1.2.As subject of sentence (in example)As complement of a verb3.4.After prepositions (in number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 & 7)After certain verbs ( in number 6)5.In noun compoundsExercise 2: Complete of the following sentencewith an appropriate present participle of theverb from the box.lie modernizerisetry
shopreadpassburnExample:I saw him ________ my house. I saw him passing my house.preparelierisemodernizetryshopreadpassburnprepare1. She smelt something ______and saw
burningsmoke _____.rising2. If she catches you ______ her diary, she’ll be furious.reading3. The found a tree ____ acrossthe road.4. I’m going ________ this afternoon.5. He doesn’t spend muchtime ________lyinghis lessons. Shopping6. They wasted the whole afternoon _____ lớn repair thepreparingbike.7. They spend a lot of money __________the house.tryingmodernizingSome of the uses of present participle1.2.3.4.After verbs of sensation (see, hear, feel, smell,listen to, notice, watch)

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After catch/ find/ leave + OAfter go/ come/ spend/ waste/ be busyTo replace a clauseE.g. He entered the room and saw a stranger. Entering the room, he saw a stranger.Comments:The difference between gerund and present participle:• Gerund: (V-ing) used as a noun equivalent• Present Participle: (V-ing) more lượt thích a verb or anadjective2. Perfect Gerund & Perfect Participle• used instead of a gerund/ participle when wewant khổng lồ emphasize the completion of theaction (having + p.p.)GerundWe are happy about yourcompleting all yourassignments.ParticipleFinishing the work, theywent home.Perfect GerundWe are happy about your
having completed all yourassignments.Perfect ParticipleHaving finished the work,they went home.Exercise 3: Put the verb in brackets into theperfect gerund or perfect participle.Example:He was accused of _______ (desert) hisship two months ago.He was accused of having deserted hisship two months ago.having made (make) private calls on the1. I object to lớn him ___________office phone. PERFECT GERUND2. Having__________been (be) his own quái thú for such a long time, hefound it hard khổng lồ accept orders from another. PERFECT PARTICIPLE3. They denied ___________
having been (be) there. PERFECT GERUND4. Having__________tied (tie) one end of the rope lớn his bed, he threwthe other over out of the window. PERFECT PARTICIPLE5. Having___________read (read) the instruction, he snatched up the fireextinguisher. PERFECT PARTICIPLE6. The children admitted ___________having taken (take) the money. PERFECT GERUNDHOMEWORK- do the exercises in the cameraquansat24h.vnbook again.- Write 5 sentences using gerund & 5sentences using participle

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