The region which straddles Yorkshire và the Humber & North East England has some of the prettiest và underrated landscapes, towns & villages in England. Our guest blogger Tamara from www.travellingtam.com hails from this wonderful corner of the country & shares her choice for 5 of the most beautiful small towns & villages in North Yorkshire…

Speak khổng lồ any person from North Yorkshire and they will tell you that their trang chủ region is the most beautiful place on the planet. Of course, they may be a little biased, but it’s not known as “God’s own country” for nothing.

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England’s largest county, comprising of over 3,300 square miles of rolling hills, wild moorland, picturesque coastal fishing villages & forest, is a picture-perfect part of England. Và the beauty doesn’t stop when it comes to lớn the metropolitan towns either.

From quaint villages lớn ornate medieval settlements surrounded by areas of outstanding natural beauty, here are five of the most beautiful towns khổng lồ admire in North Yorkshire.

Robin Hood’s Bay


Between the protruding mounds of the Cleveland Hills lớn the north và the softer rolling landscape of the Hambleton Hills khổng lồ the south, lies the attractive village of Osmotherly.

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On the route of the famous 110 mile Cleveland Way National Trail, it is safe khổng lồ say that the surrounding countryside of Osmotherly is spectacular. However, the stone terraced houses và cottages of the township can easily compete. After a pub lunch at the cosy 18th-centuryinn, the Golden Lion, you can easily spend a few hours admiring the nearby architecture và ‘window shop’ the attractive private gardens.

A 3 mile walk away from the centre of Osmotherly is one of the most accessible và well preserved medieval monasteries in the whole of England, Mount Grace Priory. The majestic site is a peaceful and enlightening half-day trip that is extremely underrated.

In spring, the grounds of Mount Grace Priory are taken over by a carpet of daffodils và the ruins are framed by fragrant blossoms. In winter you may even get snow và hundreds of delicate snowdrops breaking through towards the light.

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North Yorkshire is a region full of fascinating history và wonderfully preserved small towns & villages. How about a road trip over a long weekend to discover all those mentioned in this list?

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Written by our guest blogger Tamara from Travellingtam.com. Tamara is a marketing manager, virtual blogging assistant and writes about solo adventure travel & music at Travelling Tam. Aside from travel & blogging, she adores hiking, camping & discovering new bands.