Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Unit 1 Lớp 8 Leisure Activities


Giải sách bài bác tập tiếng anh lớp 8, giải cụ thể và cụ thể Unit 1: My friends SBT giờ đồng hồ anh 8 trang 5. cameraquansat24h.vn sẽ hướng dẫn các bạn cách học, cách làm bài bác tập sách bài tập tiếng anh 8 kết quả nhất.

1. Complete the paragraph. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form.

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Vichai is my pen pal. He __(1)__ (be) 14 years old. He __(2)__ (live) in a town house with his family in Bangkok, Thailand. Yesterday I __(3)__ (receive) his letter. In the letter he said "I usually __(4)__ (have) boiled rice for breakfast, and chicken with fried rice or a bowl of noodles for lunch. In the evening, I __(5)__ (eat) the food my mother __(6)__ (cook). Her food __(7)__ (be) the best in the whole world". Last week, I __(8)__ (write) a letter to him. I __(9)__ (introduce) myself & __(10)__ (send) him a photograph of my family.

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2. Correct the following sentences. Write two correct sentences each times.


The sun rises in the west.

The sun doesn"t rise in the west.

It rises in the east.

a) The moon goes round the sun.



b) It is hot in winter.



c) Mice catch cats.



d) Water boils at 50 degrees Celsius.



e) Spiders have six legs.



f) The Red River flows into the Atlantic Ocean.



g) Gold is cheaper than silver.



h) Carpenters make things from metal.



4. Complete the dialogue using the words in the box.


Loan: Hello, Hoa.

Hoa: Hi, Loan. Where were you last Sunday?

Loan: I went lớn Ha Long Bay.

Hoa: Who did you go with?

Loan: With some of my classmates và Paul.

Hoa: ___(1)___ is Paul?

Loan: One of my friends. He"s from France. Now he"s studying at the United Nations International School of Ha Noi.

Hoa: ___(2)___ does he look like?

Loan: He is ___(3)___, with ___(4)___ hair & big brown eyes. He is very friendly.

Hoa: Can he speak English?

Loan: His English is ___(5)___!

Hoa: Really? I hope to lớn see him one day. I ___(6)___ talking khổng lồ him in English.

5. Combine each of the following pairs of sentences into one sentence, using (not) adjective + enough.


He is strong. He can carry the box.

He is strong enough to lớn carry the box.

a) The weather wasn’t very warm. We couldn’t go swimming.


b) He wasn’t very experienced. He couldn’t bởi the job.


c) The ladder wasn’t very long. It didn’t reach the window.


d) The tea isn’t strong. It won’t keep us awake.

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e) The fire isn’t very hot. It won’t boil the kettle.


f) The ice is quite thick. We can walk on it.


g) It wasn’t very warm. We couldn’t sit in the garden.



6. Complete each of the following sentences using enough as an adjective (before noun) or adverb (after adjective) with one of the words in the box.



Bob can"t drive because he is not ..................

Bob can"t drive because he is not old enough.

I"d like to go on holiday but I haven"t got ..................

I"d lượt thích to go on holiday but I haven"t got enough money.

a) There weren"t .................. For everyone khổng lồ sit down.

b) The little boy is not .................. To lớn lift the suitcase.

c) nam didn"t finish the exam because he didn"t have .................. 

d) Mr. Smith didn"t feel .................. Lớn go lớn work this morning.

e) It"s only a small car, so there isn"t .................. For all of us.

f) vì you think I"ve got .................. To lớn apply for the job?

g) Try this jacket on and see if it"s .................. For you.

h) She couldn"t make coffee for everybody because the weren"t .................. 

i) He wasn"t .................. For the job.

j) Are you .................. Or shall I switch on the heating?

k) Steve didn"t get the job because he didn"t have .................. 

8. Fill in each gap in the following sentences with a word from the box.


a) May I __________ myself ?

b) How vì chưng you do? I don"t think we"ve met __________.

c) Hello. How are you __________?

d) Allow me lớn introduce __________. My name"s George Mallows, a friend of Sally.

e) __________ me, my name is Phuong Dieu Linh.

f) I"d like you to lớn __________ Ann Parker.

g) __________ me khổng lồ introduce my teacher, Ms Hoang Nga. 

h) I"d __________ to introduce my team leader, Thanh Nam.

i) Hello! Tom, __________ me introduce my fellow student, Wyne.

j) It is great __________ that I introduce my school principal, Mr. Tran Anh.

9. Write sentences about these people"s approximate age. Use the expressions in the box.

in his/her early...in his/her mid...in his/her late... 


Mrs. Lan was born between 1967 và 1969.

In 2005, Mrs. Lan was in her late thirties.

a) Mr. Giang was born between 1962 and 1969.

b) Mrs. Kim Anh was born between 1927 and 1929.

c) Mr. Van was born between 1969 & 1971.

d) quang was born between 1986 & 1987.

e) Mr. Hai was born between 1941 và 1944.

f) Mrs. An was born between 1918 and 1922.

g) Mrs. Ngoc was born between 1947 và 1950.

h) Mr. Vinh was born between 1966 and 1968.

10. Read the conversation between a policeman and an eye-witness and then fill in each gap with one word khung the box.


Policeman: How ___(1)___ vị you think the man was?

Eye-witness-witness: Well, he was quite young. In his ___(2)___ twenties, I’d say.

Policeman: & was he ___(3)___?

Eye-witness: Yes, quite tall, ___(4)___ than me anyway. He must be about 180cm.

Policeman: What about his build?

Eye-witness: Well, he was rather ___(5)___. Maybe a bit skinny.

Policeman: và what did he ___(6)___ like?

Eye-witness: Not very ___(7)___. He had dark hair, but I can’t really remember if it was ___(8)___ or short.

Policeman: and did you notice what he was ___(9)___?

Eye-witness: Oh, yes. He was wearing ___(10)___ and a dirty sweater. And he was wearing sport ___(11)___.

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Policeman: Anything else?

Eye-witness: No, I don’t think so. Oh, wait. He had an ___(12)___. In his left ear, I’m sure.