IELTS Speaking Part 2: IELTS Cue Card/ Candidate Task Card.

Bạn đang xem: Describe your favorite piece of clothes

Describe your favourite tòa tháp of clothing.

You should say:what type of clothing thành phầm it iswhere you got ithow expensive it isand explain why you like this particular clothing item.
Model Answer 1:I’m not much of a clothes horse, lớn be honest. As I’m not very interested in fashion, so at first, I thought this topic might be quite hard. However, I’ve thought of one. I’ll tell you what it is, when & why I bought it & why I like it so much.The sản phẩm is in itself unremarkable. It is a purple Craghoppers long-sleeved shirt. It is made of a quick-drying poly-cotton blend and the fabric has some stretchy qualities which make it easy to wear. The fabric keeps out the sun, and the kiến thiết incorporates a couple of pockets, one of which has a zip so you can keep small items securely on your pockets. It is designed as a travel shirt, và to be honest, was rather expensive compared lớn clothes I would normally buy.I bought the shirt online ahead of travelling to South East Asia. It was just coming out of winter in the UK, but I’d be going lớn a hot climate. I wanted something lightweight và comfortable to lớn take with me. It was the wrong time of year lớn be browsing shops in England, they were all still full of winter clothes, so I just had to trust the description on the site that this would be a good buy, but I was nervous in case it didn’t fit or wasn’t practical. I shouldn’t have worried.I LOVE this shirt. It is incredibly comfortable lớn wear, the colour suits me quite well, and even though it is designed as a travel shirt, it’s actually smart enough to lớn wear for work if you match it with some respectable trousers (or a skirt I suppose, but I never wear skirts!). It washes brilliantly, và if you shake it out & put it on a hanger it dries crease-free within an hour or so. The hidden pocket is handy for carrying emergency cash, & I like to have a hanky with me too – there is a pocket for that as well. Because the shirt is so comfy, và much harder wearing than I expected, I wore it almost all the time on my travels. This means that the shirt is now linked to lớn very many happy memories of places I’ve been, people I’ve met và adventures I’ve had. I wish I’d bought loads of them at the same time. I’ll be heartbroken when it eventually wears out as one day it surely must.

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< Written by - Lucy Marris | Careers Adviser (UK), TEFL teacher (Vietnam) > Sample Answer 2: To tell the truth, I have a number of favourite clothing items, depending on what I lượt thích to wear on what occasions & what time of the year. For example, I have a favourite clothing cửa nhà for the summertime while another for the winter. But, since this is wintertime, I would lượt thích to talk about one of my favourite clothing items which I lượt thích to wear during this cold season.The name of this favourite clothing thành quả is called “Blazer”. Of course, we all know what a blazer really is in general, but, to lớn be more specific, it is a single or double-breasted men's jacket which is buttoned near the waist & ending at the bottom of the buttocks. This distinct piece of clothing has endured for a century because it builds out the shoulders of a man while also exaggerating the trimness of his waist at the same time, & its solid lines allow the eyes to lớn move up và down the toàn thân without actually being jarred to lớn the right or left.Luckily, I already have one of these clothing items, và it is made of wool, apparently because I like to wear it during the wintertime only in order lớn keep myself warm. By the way, a blazer can either be expensive or affordable depending on what kind of fabrics it is made of. For example, if it is made from pure wool or brushed cotton, it would be expensive. But, if it is made from some kind of polyester or synthetic fabrics, it would be rather affordable. So, really, its price depends on your taste in the fabrics.I like this cống phẩm of clothing, primarily because it helps me keep warm during the winter season, especially, when I am going out of my home. Besides, it is also one of those clothing items which make a man look elegant. Finally, it is one of my favourite clothing items also because it is so versatile, as I can wear it for any occasion both formally or casually with any other kinds of outfits.Model Answer 3: There are many dresses I really lượt thích to wear, và out of those, the leather jacket that I have is my favourite. This is a brown stylish jacket that I purchased almost 2 years ago. I bought it from an expensive brand cửa hàng which mainly sells winter clothing.After I moved lớn the capital city of our country around 2 years ago, I found that my winter dresses were not serving me well in terms of keeping me warm enough and keeping up with the fashion trends. So I planned to purchase a new winter dress. & I ended up buying this leather jacket. Now, it is a favourite piece of clothing that I have in my collection. I visited several shops & markets & was having a hard time finding a stylish and good looking jacket. All of a sudden this one caught my eyes & after trying it on me, I decided to purchase it.I wear it only during the winter season, và this jacket protects me from the chilly and cold weather. I can wear it with both casual and formal dresses, và that gives me a great advantage. Besides fashion, this cloth offers utilitarian values as well. I feel comfortable in this dress, và it did not cost me a lot of money.I don’t have a huge collection of dresses, và I vì not purchase dresses that I would not wear. But sometimes I find myself in a dilemma when I purchase a dress & later on find it very ordinary. But this leather jacket was exceptional. I have felt great joy after I purchased it, & still, this is the best winter jacket I have. For all those reasons this dress has become my favourite piece of clothing that I have.

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