An entertaining and educational series about all the things humans can't live without!

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We take a lot of things for granted, including modern inventions like the Internet and antibiotics, và natural phenomena like extreme weather, bacteria—even dirt! In the You Wouldn"t Want khổng lồ Live Without series, readers will learn fun facts about history & science & realize how great life is with soap...and clocks...and books...and more!
You might not lượt thích numbers và math when you have to do your homework, but it would be hard to lớn live without them.

What if we didn't have mucus? The insides of our bodies would be very dry, & we would find it hard to lớn digest our food. Mucus also protects us from dirt in the air that we breathe.">
What would happen if there were no bees in this world? No honey, & no food or products produced by plants that bees pollinate. It would be a disaster!">
Gravity does a lot of useful things—such as keeping us on the Earth and holding the entire universe together! Learn how gravity was discovered và how it works.">
Learn about the ways dirt and soil have been used by humans over the centuries, from cave paintings lớn crop farming, & the exciting prospects for dirt và soil we may see in the future.">
You might not think about it, but without electricity, our lives would be colder, darker, & much harder work.">
Some bacteria cause deadly diseases, but many are harmless or even helpful lớn humans & other animals. Learn about good & bad bacteria and why we couldn't live without them.">
Trees provide us with fuel, food and shelter, & even the oxygen that we breathe. A world without trees would be a barren, dry, và polluted wasteland.">
It is so integral to our everyday lives that you probably never stop khổng lồ think. What would it be like to live in a world without writing?">
Learn how soap works, how it is made, and how much harder life would be if we really had to lớn live without it.">
How would you cope in a world without water? Clean water is far, far more important than you might think!">
This title traces the history of books from their earliest origins as clay tablets khổng lồ their very latest form—the e-book.">
Without coding, all the computers in the world would just be useless boxes of plastic và metal. You could feed information into them, but they wouldn't know what to bởi with it.">
This entertaining book looks at how extreme weather has shaped the world we live in, from deserts to lớn the Arctic.">
Learn why and how animals và people produce poop, and about the many marvellous uses for this misunderstood substance, from fuel lớn fertilizer.">

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Fire is a powerful force of nature, & without fire, we would have no cooked food, no artificial light, and no way of keeping warm in a cool climate.">
Without insects to pollinate flowers, we would have no fruit. Without bees, we would have no honey. Without maggots, we would have khổng lồ find some other way to dispose of dead animals.">
This book describes what teeth consist of, how to lớn take care of them, what may happen if you don't—and why you should never be afraid of going lớn the dentist.">
In this title, find out what plastics are made from, who invented some of the first plastics, how important plastics are—and would you want to lớn live without it?">
Nowadays we can treat all sorts of nasty injuries và illnesses, but it wasn't that easy hundreds of years ago. If antibiotics had not been discovered, would you be alive today?">
Learn the fascinating history of vaccination, và how and why vaccination works. Vaccines have saved millions from deadly diseases—and in the future, we might not even need a needle.">
This fascinating book delves into the history of clocks and calendars, from early astronomical observations to recent technological developments.">
This book explains in simple terms how the internet works, how it differs from the World Wide Web, và how young readers can stay safe online.">
Learn about the science behind how our bodies are able to lớn experience pain, the ways pain helps us to lớn stay safe, & the ghastly reality of life before modern painkillers.">
Vegetables provide us with essential vitamins và minerals and can be used khổng lồ make things lượt thích dyes, lotions, and adhesives. You might not want to lớn eat them, but you wouldn't want to lớn live without them!">
Can you imagine what your world and your life would be lượt thích if there was no glass? No mirrors, no windows, no eyeglasses, & no glass screens. You wouldn't want to live without it!">
For thousands of years, nurses have tended to lớn the sick and the wounded. Although they don't get the glory, nurses are just as important as doctors.">
Scientists know that sleeping is essential for health and happiness. Learn about the strange sleep cycles throughout the animal kingdom, & the theories behind why people get tired & have nightmares.">
None of us has as much money as we would like, but imagine if money didn't exist at all. How would we buy the things we need, or sell the things we don't need?">
This book explores the fascinating ways in which people coped in a phoneless world, & the inventions and discoveries they made throughout the years.">
Learn about the many uses and positive effects of video clip games: how they can be a teaching aid, exercise our bodies và brains, stimulate our creativity, & bring people together.">
Learn about how we use satellites every day without knowing it to talk on the telephone, watch television, use the internet, predict the weather, navigate the landscape, and run businesses.">

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