6 bộ bài tập giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 9 Unit 8: CELEBRATIONS tất cả đáp án

6 bộ bài tập tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 8: CELEBRATIONS bao gồm đáp án gồm các bài tập giờ Anh cơ bạn dạng về chủ thể Celebrations. Mời chúng ta cùng tham khảo để củng cố kiến thức và kỹ năng tiếng Anh của mình. Hy vọng tài liệu sẽ giúp đỡ ích cho quy trình học tập của các bạn.

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Giải bài xích tập SGK tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 8: Celebrations

Bài tập giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 9 Unit 8: Celebrations bao gồm đáp án

Từ vựng tiếng Anh lớp 9 Unit 8: Celebrations

Bài tập giờ đồng hồ Anh lớp 9 Unit 8: Celebrations gồm đáp án – Số 1


Change these sentences to lớn incorporate the expression in parentheses. Biến đổi những câu này nhằm mục đích kết phù hợp với những trường đoản cú ngữ nằm trong ngoặc đơn.

1. Dispite his dislike for coffee, he drank it khổng lồ keep himself warm (although).

2. Bill will take a plane, even though he dislikes flying (in spite of).

3. In spite of Alice’s sadness at losing the contest, she managed lớn smile (although).

4. They took many pictures though the sky was cloudy (despite).

5. Despite his poor memory, the old man told interesting stories to lớn the children (even though).


Change these sentences to lớn incorporate the expression in parentheses. Chuyển đổi những câu này nhằm mục tiêu kết hợp với những trường đoản cú ngữ phía trong ngoặc đơn.

1. Though he has been absent frequently, he has managed to pass the demo (in spite of).

2. Jane told me the secret, despite having promised not to do so (though).

3. Fred plas to buy a ticket for the drawing although he knows he will not win a prize (even though).

4. In spite of the high prices, my girl friend insists on going to lớn the circus every Sundays (even though).

17. The roads were crowded with refugees. Many of them were wounded.

18. I was waiting for a girl. She didn’t turn up. (The girl )

19. Ben came to the tiệc ngọt in patched jeans. This surprised the other guests. Most of the other guests were wearing evening dress.

20. The company is sending me to London. I work for this company.

21.The Bakers were given rooms in the hotel. Their house had been destroyed in the explosion.

22. I saw several house. Most of them were quite unsuitable.

23. She wanted lớn come at 3 a.m. This didn’t suit me at all.

24. This a story of a group of girls. Their plane crashed on an uninhabited island.

25. They tie up parcels with string. This is so weak that the parcel usually comes to pieses before you get it home. (The string ……………….).

26. He introduced me to lớn his students. Most of them were from abroad.

27. Alice expected him lớn pay two dollars for 10 eggs. Four of the eggs were broken.

28. Jannet spoke in Spanish. But the people didn’t know Spanish. She was speaking to these people (combine these last two sentences only).

29. They gave met four very bad tyres. One of them burst befor I had driven four miles.

30. A girl answered the phone. She said Henry was out.


Combine the following pairs or groups of sentences, using relaive pronouns. (Kết hợp đều cặp câu hoặc đội câu sau đây bằng phương pháp dùng đại trường đoản cú liên hệ)

1. Albert had been driving all the day. He was tired and wanted lớn stop.

2. Sandra had been sleeping in the back of the coach. She felt quite fresh and wanted to lớn go on.

3. Sophia wanted khổng lồ take the mountain rad. Her tyres were nearly new.

4. Andrew’s tyres were very old. He wanted lớn stick to the tarred road.

5. Rita didn’t know anything about mountains. She thought it would be quite safe lớn climb alone.

6. Brian gave orders to the manager. The manager passed them on khổng lồ the foreman.

7. The little boy said that the men were thieves. This turned out to lớn be true.

8. The matter was reported lớn the chief of police. He ordered us all lớn be arrested.

9. In prison they fed us on dry bread. Most of it was moudly.

10. We sleft in the same room as handcuffed prisoner. His handcuffs rattled every time he moved.

11. We lit a fire. It soon dried out our clothes.

12. They rowed across the Atlantic. This had never been done before.

13. Tony refuses khổng lồ use machines. This makes his work more arduous.

14. I met Sylvia. She asked me khổng lồ give you this.

15. These girl prayed aloud all night. This kept us awake.


Use the sentences in brackets khổng lồ make your relative clauses. (Sử dụng câu có trong ngoặc đơn dể thành lập và hoạt động mệnh đề tính từ của bạn.)

1. Robert’s father goes swimming every day. (Robert’s father is 85)

2. Albert told me his address. (I wrote his address down on a piece of paper).

3. Margaret showed me a photograph of her sister. (His sister is a nurse)

4. They decided not to swim in the sea. (The sea looked rather dirty.)

5. They new stadium will be opened next week. (The stadium holds 120,000 people.)

6. The storm caused a lot of damage. (No one had been expecting the storm.)

7. The postman was late this morning. (The postman is nearky always on time)

8. We often go khổng lồ visit our colleagues in Boston. (Boston is only 90 miles away.)

9. I went to lớn see the doctor. (The doctor told me to lớn rest for three weeks.)

10. I looked up at the moon. (The moon was very bright that evening.)


Combine two sentences và then write one sentence with same meaning. Use a relative clause in your sentence. (Kết hợp hai câu rồi tiếp đến viết thành một câu gồm nghĩa tương tự. áp dụng mệnh đề tương tác trong câu của bạn.)

1. The young man is very friendly. The young man live next door.

2. A school boys was injured in the accident. He is now in hospital.

3. A man answered the phone. He told me you were out.

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4. A waiter served us. He was very impolite & impatient.

5. Some naughty boys were arrested. They have now been relased.

6. Mark works for a factory. The factory makes typewriters.

7. The window has now been repaired. The window was broken.

8. We know a lot of people. They live near our house.

9. Where are the eggs? They were in the bridge.

10. What was the name of the woman? She lent you the money.


Complete each sentence with a relative clause. Use the sentences in the box lớn make your relative clause. (Điền thêm vào mỗi câu gồm sự hiện diện của mệnh đề liên hệ. Thực hiện câu bao gồm trong khung để ra đời mệnh đề contact của bạn.)

a) We met her yesterday. Paula is wearing it.

You lost it. We wanted to lớn visit it.

I invited them khổng lồ the night club.

1. Have you found the oto key ?

2. I like the mini-skirt

3. Most of the people couldn’t come.

4. The library was shut when they got there.

5. I didn’t lượt thích that woman

b) Margaret tells them. We had it for lunch.

The police arrested them. Mark recommended it.

You have been looking for them.

1. The fish was really delicious.

2. They ate at a good restaurant

3. The tale stories ……………….are usually very funny.

4. Are these documents ?

5. The gang ………have now bene relased.


Make a relative clause with a preposition. (Thành lập mệnh đề tính từ gồm sự hiện hữu của giới từ.)

a) We want lớn travel on it. You were with him last night.

We went khổng lồ it. She is acquainted with him.

I applied for it.

1. I didn’t get the job

2. The young man …………………………………has been failed twice before.

3. The wedding ceremony wasn’t very enjoyable.

4. Who was that boy ?

5. The flight ………………………………was fully booked.

b) I am living in it. I slept in it.

I work with them. I wanted to listen to lớn it.

They were talking about them.

1. I wasn’t interested in the things

2. I enjoy my job because I like the people

3. The news was very useful.

4. The aparment it not in very good condition.

5. The bed was too soft.


Complete these sentences, where necessary with that, who or what. If it is possible to lớn write that or leave it out, write (that) – in brackets. (Điền tiếp tế chỗ cần thiết có that, who hoặc what một trong những câu này. Ví như như rất có thể được thì viết ra tự That hoặc vứt bỏ nó, viết (that) trong lốt ngoặc đơn.)

1. Did he hear I said?

2. He gives his pet son everything he wants.

3. Tell me you need and I’ll try khổng lồ help you.

4. Why do you blame me for everything goes wrong?

5. I won’t be able to vì chưng very much but I’ll vì chưng the best …………………………I can.

6. I can’t lend her any money. All I’ve got is a dollar.

7. Sue is the only person understands me.

8. Wh does he always disagree with everything………………………….. I say?

9. I don’t agree with ………………………….you’ve just said.

10. This is an interesting film. It’s the best I’ve ever seen.

11. Where are the pork pie were in the fridge?

12. The girl I sat next to on the plane talked all the time.

13. The girl he fell in love with left him after three weeks.

14. Everything she said was true.

15. I won’t tell anyone ………………………… happened.


Fill in each numbered blank with one suitable word

In Britain there is a holiday now which people điện thoại tư vấn Mother ‘s day. In the old days many girls from working -class (1) …………..in towns và cities và from farmers’s families in the country (2) …………… in rich houses. They had to bởi all the (3) …………and their working day was usually very long , they often worked on Sundays, too.

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Once a year, it was usually (4)……….Sunday in March, they could visit their mothers. They went trang chủ on that day và (5) …………… presents for their mother & for (6) …………… members of their families. They could stay at trang chủ only one day, và then they went (7)……………………….to their work. People điện thoại tư vấn that day Mothering Day (8) ……..… Mothering Sunday.