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Đáp án bài tập Unit 6: Folk tales

Bài tập môn tiếng Anh lớp 8




1. C

2. B

3. C

4. A

5. D


1. A

2. D

3. C

4. B

5. C



1. Saw

2. Were you doing

3. Didn’t visit

4. Rained

5. Was reading

6. Ate

7. Were running

8. Did you find

9. Did she dance

10. Were watching


1. C

2. A

3. A

4. B

5. B

6. A

7. A

8. A


1. Playing

2.Were you studying

3. Doing

4. Go

5. Sleeping

6. Had

7. Break

8. Went

9. Was

10. Turned


1. Went

2. Swam

3. Was drinking

4. Saw

5. Was

6. Beat

7. Asked

8. Told

9. Stayed

10. Had


1. Taught/to ride/was

2. Vị – go/ drives

3. Are going to

4. Did you use to lớn play/ lived

5. Spent/ repairing


1. Used to lớn live – went

2. Used khổng lồ earn – lost

3. Joined – didn’t use to like

4. Did (you) use to travel – became

5. Used khổng lồ work – dropped

6. Used to lớn see – had

7. Used khổng lồ play – broke

8. Used khổng lồ drive – had

9. Used lớn have – moved



1. In my opinion

2. Also

3. I think

4. Besides

5. In addition

6. As I have noted


1. It is located in Duong Lam commune at a 45 km distance from Hanoi.

2. Phung Hung and Ngo Quyen were the two kings whose birthplace is Duong Lam Village.

3. It is typical for villages in the midlands in the North of Vietnam.

4. There are still nearly old 200 houses.


1. Was

2. Lived

3. Had

4. Slept

5. Had

6. Were



9. Said

10. Washed

11. Ironed


13. Saw

14. Tore

15. Ran

16. Said



Brighton is the largest seaside resort in the south-east of England.

At first the town was a fishing village and did not become popular until about 1800. Rich people began to visit Brighton in large numbers và when King George IV decided to lớn build a house there, it became very fashionable. The King continued to visit it until 1827, but Queen Victoria did not lượt thích the house.

It is mở cửa to the public every day and there is a special exhibition there in the summer.

Brighton offers all kinds of entertainment, from concerts & plays in the theatre to lớn local attractions lượt thích the Aquarium.

The area of old houses known as The Lanes is a very attractive shopping centre, where visitors can buy souvenirs và antiques. The houseswere once lived in by fishermen but have now been converted into shops.Not far from The Lanes is a modern shopping centre with licensed restaurants & tables outdoors where you can enjoy a drink in good weather.

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Brighton is within easy reach of London & has been a popular day out for Londoners for many years.


1. The weather in India is rather hot all year round, but you shouldn’t wear shorts or sleeveless shirts when visiting a pagoda.

2. Lim Festival is the festival of “Quan Ho” singing; moreover, it is also

3. People believe that the first person who visits their trang chủ during Tet holiday may determine their fortune for the whole year; however, the person who sweeps the floor on the first three days of this festive occasion might sweep away the wealth.

4. Lion dances are held when opening a new company, or connecting an activity because these dances are believed lớn bring good luck & prosperity & drive away evil.

5. If you come & visit a Chinese family, you should bear in mind not to lớn give an odd number of presents because odd numbers are considered unlucky in China.


1. Coffee is more expensive than tea.

2. I enjoy listening khổng lồ music.

3. The đen car is not as expensive as the red car.

(Or) The black car is cheaper than the red car.

4. Mary is the most intelligent in my group.

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5. The tuy vậy “Chung ta khong thuoc ve sầu nhau” is performed very beautifully by Son Tung M-TP.