Bài tập hoàn thành câu tiếng anh


3. There / too / much / pollution / big city. There is too much pollution in a big city.

4. Mother / used / getting / early / morning. My morther is used to getting up early in the morning.

5. Mr. Brown/ so/tired /go/ bed/ right after / dinner. Mr.Brown was so tired that he went to lớn bed right after dinner.

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at type looks like “pagodas”.most beatiful pagodas / đô thị / Nara. It was from one of the most beautiful pagodas in the thành phố of Nara.the Castle / built / Mayas. The Castle was built by the Mayas.the Mayas live / northern part /Yucatan peninsula. The Mayas lived in the norther part in Yucatan peninsula.it / pyramid / 91 steps / each side. It is a pyramid which has 91 steps on each side.total / steps / 364 plus one. The total of steps are 364 plus one.this number / refer / days of / year. This number refers to the days of a new year.I / busy / talk / you /now. I’m busy to lớn talk with you now.What language / speak. Kenya? What language can you speak Kenya?Britain / people / drive / left. In Britain people drive on the left.If / weather/nice/we/go/picnic / countryside. If the weather is nice, we will go on a picnic in the countryside.My father / come / home / work / until / 7 o’clock. My father don’t come home from work until 7 o’clock.watch / TV / waste / time. Watching TV wastes a lot of time.They / look forward / see / their children / soon / possible. They are looking forward lớn seeing their children as soon as possible.Our guests / have / good time / the các buổi party / last night. Our guests had a good time at the các buổi tiệc nhỏ last night.It / heavy / him / lift. It is too heavy for him to lớn lift.Most / people / prefer / live / thành phố / country. Most of people would prefer to live in the city rather than live in the country.I / invite / my friend / have / cup of tea. I will invite my friend khổng lồ have a cup of tea.He / play / guitar / well / I do. He plays a guitar as well as I do.He / say / room / should / be / clean / every day. He said that the room should be cleaned every day.teach / can / be / man / woman. Teacher can be a man or a woman.What / you / bởi / I / call? What was you doing when I called?Weather / be cold / we / not / swim. If the weather is cild, we won’t go swimming.I/always/think/my university/be / good / country. I always think that my university is the best in my country.You / see / new / film / TV / last night? Did you see the new films on TV last night?Her mother / want / her / become / teacher / cameraquansat24h.vnlish. Her mother anted her khổng lồ become teacher an cameraquansat24h.vnlishWe / know all / people / live / blocks of flats. We have know all the people who live in the blocks of flats.They / be asked / lock / door / before leaving. They was asked to lớn look the door before leaving.They prefer / classical music / pop music. They prefer classical music khổng lồ pop music.She / not go / school / regularly / so / not / make any progress. She doesn’t go to lớn school regularly so she doesn’t make any progress.I / have khổng lồ / stay up late / last night / learn / lessons. I had khổng lồ stay up late lastnight lớn learn my lessons.He / want / John / lend / him / money. He wants John to lớn lend him some money.This tea / too / hot / me / drink. The tea is too hot for me khổng lồ drink.If / I / be / you / I / not buy / that car. If I were you, I wouldn’t buy that car.She / tell / not / close / window. She tell me not lớn close the window.You / have / be / ever / London? You have ever been in London.I / used / swim / this river / but / I not any more. I used lớn swim in this river but now I don’t any more.What / you / bởi vì / at / weekend? What vày you vì chưng at the weekend? be / there / any milk / fridge? Is there any milk in the fridge?I / go/ visit / my aunt / hospital / last night. I went khổng lồ visit my aunt in the hospital last night.phone / ring / while / she/ make / coffee. The phone rang while she was making some coffee.sign / means / mustn’t / smoke. The sign means you mustn’t smoke.what / be / those / people / drink? What are those for people to lớn drink?bird / escape / if you leave / door / cage / open. A bird will escape if you leave the door cage open.she / not speak / cameraquansat24h.vnlish / when / young. She didn’t speak cameraquansat24h.vnlish when she was young.when / grandfather / be /young / use / khổng lồ / play / football. When my grandfather was young, he uased to lớn play football. 100. He / not see / well / without / glasses. He doesn’t see well without the glasses.when / she / small / use to lớn swim / that river. When she was small, she used lớn swim in that river.By the time / you / receive / letter / I / be / London / husband. By the time that you receive a letter I will have been in London with my husband.He / want / you / come / work / early / Saturday / next week. He wants you khổng lồ come to lớn work early on Saturday next week.You / be able/ pass / exam/unless/work harder. You aren’t able lớn pass for exam unless you work harder.She / lazy / never / get up / before 9 a.m. She is lazy and she never get up before 9 a.m.When / you / return / book / borrow/ last week? When did you return the book you borrowed last week?How / she / know / you / stay / my house? How does she know you was staying at my house?We / sorry / tell / you / there be / tickets / left. We are sorry to tell you there are no tickets left.109. People / use lớn / think / earth / be / flat. People used to think the earth was flat. 110. How / old / you / when / you / married? How old were you when you got married?111. It / difficult / get / there / on time. It is difficult lớn get there on time.112. We / glad / see/ our friends / after / long time. We are glad lớn see our friends after a long time.113. How / far / office/ from here? How far is it from here lớn the office?114. They / finally / find / new house / near / river. They finally found a new house near the river.115. I / not understand / what / saying. I don’t understand what you are saying.116. She / finish / work / very soon. She will finish her work very soon.117. When / we / there / train / already / leave / station. When we got there the train had already left the station.118. Why / you / not come / meeting / yesterday? Why didn’t you come to lớn the meeting yesterday?119. This / weather / not suitable / camping holiday. This weather isn’t suitable for camping holiday.120. How long / it / you / get / your school / bus? How long does it take you get to lớn your school by bus?121. Weather / be / so bad / we / can not go out. The weather is so bad that we can’t go out.122. Children / watch / television / room / at the moment. The children are watching television in the room at the moment. 123. I / not see / doctor / last Saturday. I didn’t see a doctor last Saturday.124. We / enjoy / listen / pop music. We enjoy listening to lớn pop music.125. Now / she / dance / beautifully / than / used to. Now she dances more beautifully than she used to. 126. When / I / small / I / swim / that river. When I was small, I used to swim in that river.127. When / she / cross / road / someone / gọi / her. When she was crossing a road, someone called her.128. Before / he / retire / last year / he / active / Union leader. Before he retired last year, he had been active in the Union leader129. The oto / expensive / us / buy. The car is too expensive for us lớn buy.130. A lot / new hotels / be / built / đô thị / since / 1990. A lot of new hotels were built in thành phố sice 1990.131. She / have / a bath / every morning. She has a bath every morning.133. How long / it / take / him / get / school / every day? How long does it take him lớn get to lớn school every day?134. Last Wednesday / Bill / ring office / nine o’clock. Last Wednesday, Bill was rangging the office at nine o’clock.135. I / live / Ho bỏ ra Minh đô thị / ten years. I have lived in sài gòn city for 10 years.136. People / come / all over the word / visit / đô thị / Hiroshima. The people who come all the world visit a city of Hiroshima137. Billy / an old man that / has lớn live with his children. Billy is such as an old man that he has to live with his children.138. Oliver Twist / first published /1838. Oliver Twist was first published in 1838.139. It / too heavy / him / lift. It too heavy for him lớn lift.140. I / able lớn / come / tomorrow. I will be able to lớn come tomorrow.141. That / hotel / where/ I/ stay / during my last holiday. That is a khách sạn where I stayed during my last holiday.142. I / look / everywhere / but / couldn’t find / keys. I looked every where but I couldn’t find the keys.143. He / born / Russia / but / live / with father / America /now. He was born in Russia but he is living with father in America now.144. Little boy / study medicine / class of 20-year- students / thành phố new york University. The little boy is studying medicine in class of 20-year-students at thành phố new york University.145. The / film / show / television / three times. The film has showed on TV for three times.146. She / be / good /maths / languages / literature. She is good at maths, languages và literature.147. Mathematics / be / interesting / subject. Mathematics is an interesting subject.148. I / be study / cameraquansat24h.vnlish / for three years. I have studied cameraquansat24h.vnlish for three years.149. Would / you / like / tea / or coffee? Would you lượt thích a cup of tea or coffee?150 When / I / to get / station / train / already / khổng lồ leave. When I got to the station, the train had already left.151. Woman / wanted / keep / accident / quite. The woman wanted khổng lồ keep an acident quiet.152. Yesterday / his wife / birthday. Yesterday was his wife birthday.153. Price / the room / for two / 25 / dollars. A price of the room for two person is 25 dollars.154. He / going / receive /award. He is going khổng lồ receive award.155. When / I / tell / Mark / news / he / angry. When I told Mark nows, he was angry.156. They / get married / last year / they? They got married last year, didn’t they?157. I / never / visit / a foreign country. I have never visited a foreign country.158. I / be able / speak / cameraquansat24h.vnlish well / if / study hard. If I study hard, I will be able lớn speak cameraquansat24h.vnlish well.159. She / see / friend / while / walk / along / street. She saw her friend while she was walking along street160. She / be / teacher since 1990. She has been a teacher sice 1990